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Friday, January 13, 2012

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. New Orleans Hornets: 1/13/12

1st Quarter: This will go down as the first game that Ricky Rubio started in his young career. The Hornets are also one of the few teams that are actually more injured than the Wolves, so look for the Wolves to take this one. The Wolves are settling for some tough jumpers to start off the game. Dejuan Summers is off to a fast start. Love is off to a cold start and Darko isn't looking too good enough on the offensive end. Wes actually looks more actually looks more comfortable, which might be the first time I've said that all game. The Wolves are getting absolutely run out by the Hornets. No one seems to be interested in taking care of the ball. Darko needs to come out of the game as he's just dragging the team down. The Wolves have to pick it up as they're down 21-16.

2nd Quarter: The Wolves are really sucking it up on the glass, but partially because the Hornets are shooting particularly bad. Absolutely no one is able to get the ball through the hoop in this one. The only reason the Hornets seem to be leading is because of the turnovers they forced. The Wolves are just playing absolutely atrocious. Somehow they are still in the game, as they're down by just 1.

3rd Quarter: Love is on a tear to start off the second half. He went 3-3 and already has 7 points in just a few minutes. Rubio looks like he might have re-aggravated that injured ankle. However, the Wolves can't box the Hornets out at all as Okafor and Kaman are dominating down low. They are just continuing to get second chances. Rubio is just splitting the Hornets repeatedly on the offensive end. If it wasn't for the Hornets abhorrent shooting, the Wolves would be down in this game. A rare Darko dunk was seen, but abruptly cuts his hand.

4th Quarter: Love and Co. look to stretch the lead. Everything looks exactly like the first half. The Wolves are turning the ball over at a preposterous rate and it seems that no one can hit a shot to save their lives. Rubio is turning the ball over and Ridnour is playing absolutely horrendous. Love is having a blast on the line with 13-13 for the game. Love has been extremely clutch for the Wolves who are giving him almost no support. The refs have been pretty bad this game, but a missed call on goaltending really hurt their M.O. The freethrow shooting in this game has really helped out the Wolves. Overall, just an incredibly ugly, boring game but it's still a Timberwolves win, and that's all that matters!

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