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Friday, December 30, 2011

Minnesota vs. Miami Heat: 12/30/11

1st Quarter: Timberwolves actually ended up with a decent start so far. Love highlighted it with an alley-oop from Ridnour. However, fouls and turnovers eventually took their toll and the TWolves dropped down to a score of 31-20. Many of the issues that struck the Timberwolves

Halftime: Rubio looks a bit antsy as he seems to be making incorrect reads on the Miami defense, but settled down to make some very good passes. I'm really surprised with how good the bench players, especially Anthony Randolph, are playing today. AR isn't forcing anything and is just playing within his means, albeit aggressively. Wayne Ellington has been doing a fantastic on both sides of the floor. The Timberwolves are leading 53-51. You just have to hope that the Timberwolves can stand the barrage that is sure to come.

3rd Quarter: Wolves look sloppy coming out of the first half. Ridnour hit a couple of threes, and Love is his persistent self. The Heat showed their athleticism and just overpowered the Timberwolves with their fast break and outside shooting. Battier, Haslem and Anthony keep forcing the Wolves into dumb mistakes on the offensive end. The Wolves are down 82-75.

Post Game: Rubio was pressed really hard by the Heat, but still managed to find the open man. The shooters of the team are hitting all the open shots, and Randolph's monster block helped the Wolves stay in it. LeBron is having a monster game as usual. Dwayne Wade is absolutely cold blooded as he just seems to make everything in the 4th quarter. Wayne Ellington saw a lot of shots late in the game, and couldn't convert them. Overall, was a fantastic game by the Wolves against a very, very talented team.

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